Student Enrolment System

An integrated enrolment form system custom designed to increase student  enrolments and sales productivity.

manual form

The Problem

Our client was using editable PDF forms to enrol students which would come back filled incorrectly or sometimes illegible or corrupted.


Built from scratch, we designed a web based enrolment form system that synchronises with the backend course database to retrieve the current course dates. Once the form is complete, we use a document template to complete the form and use the API from Cloud Convert to create a PDF version of the file.


This framework gives us greater leverage to produce more workable code in less time.

Cloud Convert

This service allows us to convert documents into dozens of available formats.

The Solution

The solution was a fast web based form that pulled the data from their database and made the enrolment process clearer for students enroling. Because the business login was built into the form, the no longer had to guide the student through each step. Saving time and hassle.

Fast & Easy Work

The sales team reported it now takes half the time to enrol their students.

Great Results

Processing the forms became easier because there were less mistakes.



Forms can be completed on mobile tablet or desktop devices.


The form knows what’s possible or not and so only provides the student only with relevant information.

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